Dr said at 69 years of age. I needed a shingles ovaccination.

Their Office can't keep on hand due to shelf life so they sent me to local pharmacy for $200 shingles Zostavax vaccination. Aetna wouldn't pay because they said Kroger does not qualify and they don't care if the Dr. prescribed it or not. I have had other prescriptions filled by Kroger and Aetna paid for a one time prescription but maintenance must go mail order.

Don't get this vaccination without really checking out all the Aetna loopholes. I would think they would honor the directions of an Aetna approved Dr.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Finding out right now on the Aenta website to confirm they will cover the Shingrix vaccine at my local Walgreens or if I need to go to a different pharmacy location. Aetna doesn't make it easy to confirm this.


I had my physical yesterday and was prescribed a Shingles vaccination (Shingrix) which is recommended for people over 50. I attempted to stop at my local Safeway only to find the claim was denied by Express Scripts.

This morning I called Aetna and was told that Safeway is "in network" and authorized to provide the vaccination, but was incorrectly attempting to bill Express Scripts.

The Aetna rep put me on hold and called the pharmacy I visited to try to help them understand the process with no success. As an alternative the Aetna rep suggested going to CVS as they have no issues correctly billing for the Shingrix vaccination.Further, since I've covered my out of pocket costs with Aetna for the year already (sadly), the vaccination should be covered 100%.


Visited my new doctor today and got a prescription for the shingles vaccine. Neither Walgreens nor CVS honored my Aetna card.

Vaccine cost $249.

Guess I'll just get ripped off paying $100 every payday with employee deduction for the rest of the year and see what Aetna will pay for. Gonna drop Aetna in 2019 and lose $2,400 for 2018.

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #1292212

Yep just left Giant and aetna would not approve my shingle shot. The cost of the shot is $238.00.

Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States #1199679

I've been running into the same problems. Prescription in hand, I tried different pharmacies and they all said "no coverage under Express Scripts, so call them." Did that and ES said no, call health insurance.

Aetna is saying no, so I guess no shingles shot means we get shingles and then Aetna pays out thousands for recovery that can be up to a year! False economy.

Bay City, Michigan, United States #609954

As you found out and others need to be aware of, always make sure from your insurance company that the place you get the Shingles shot from will be covered. Do not let them tell you to get the shot and then send them the bill for re-imbursement.

You cannot trust the person you talk to on the phone with the insurance company to give you the correct answer.

Many times when you call and get a different customer service rep you will get a different answer. In the case of the shingles shot, because it is so expensive, never pay anyone for it but let the place you got it send in their re-imbursement claim themselves, just like any other vaccination, like the flu shot(if you willing to take a chance on that).

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